Pursuing excellence through people

I want to improve your working life!

I can do that by supporting you in reaching your personal, career and business objectives.

I offer flexible, well-targeted learning and development activities which help individuals and organisations set their priorities and hone their professional skills.

Any activity can be offered remotely via Zoom or MS Teams or, when circumstances permit, face-to-face.

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My Values

I believe that to provide value to the client and to the individual learner, any learning activity should be tailored to meet specific goals in line with business or personal development plans.

I also believe that if an individual is to be successful, they must be able to channel their energy into work rather than into self-preservation. To maximise potential, organisations must create a working environment where an individual can feel confident that they are being treated fairly and with dignity, allowing them to focus their emotional energy on their work rather than self-preservation.

What I offer

I offer a range of individual and group learning services, working predominantly in the following fields:

Fair Treatment at Work



1:1 Coaching

Personal Branding

My training workshops aim to create an effective learning environment by being, participative, lively, challenging and fun! I have a network of experienced colleagues so I can nearly always find someone who is the right match for your needs.

What My Clients Say

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Rachel Roberts
Financial Manager