A range of individual and group learning services

Consultancy areas

Fair Treatment at Work

I take a non-legalistic approach to the problems and challenges of Fair Treatment (while always being mindful of the law and company policy, of course!). My aim is to give people an understanding of their personal and corporate responsibilities as employers and employees.

The offer here has three main ‘strands’

  • Bullying and Harassment
  • Diversity Awareness
  • Ethics


My ‘Managing my Stress’ workshop aims to help participants define stress, recognise the symptoms and take action to mitigate the effects of stress. This is often a one-day programme: the morning is spent in discussion with trainer input. The afternoon is spent experiencing some of the tools and techniques of personal stress management.


I offer a range of workshops for leaders at all levels: from the new team leader through to senior managers. Content and objectives are always agreed with the commissioner of the work but may

  • Managing yourself (time management, stress management, assertiveness…)
  • Managing the individual (goal-setting, performance management, coaching, motivation, working with your manager…)
  • Managing the team (facilitation, communication…)

If you are looking for a fresh approach to leadership, I also run a workshop based on the leadership of Ernest Shackleton and his extraordinary Endurance expedition.

For experienced senior managers who want a more reflective approach to their leadership style, I recommend that you consider Executive Coaching as an option.

1:1 Coaching

1:1 coaching helps the learner pause, review their current situation and think about what changes they could make that would improve their personal effectiveness. The skill of the coach is in helping the client navigate through their own issues, working with them to evaluate choices and future actions.

Anyone may need a coach; for instance, if they are contemplating career shifts, working with or implementing organisational change, dealing with work problems of any type or just want to improve
their performance.

When I embark on a new coaching relationship, the initial session is spent contracting: that is defining the relationship between coach and client, establishing time frames and mapping out boundaries. As a guideline, a typical coaching relationship may last between three and twelve months, with 1:1 sessions taking place every four to six weeks, each session being 1½ – 2 hours long. (The characteristics of any specific relationship are scoped out at the outset but may change over time).